Error when trying to install full Visual Studio : You must uninstall all the pre-release products in a specific order before you can continue with setup

24 Apr 2008

If you had been participating in the Beta program and once expired want to install the full 2008 you might come across this error. The dialog box will tell you which programs / components it wants you to delete before allowing you to install, however sometimes you won’t be able to find them in add/remove programs. Before you try what I originally did and delete nearly everything, most of which didn’t need to be deleted, try these steps:

1. Download
2. Extract the contents of to the folder c:\msiinv on your system
3. Click on the Start menu, choose Run, type cmd and click OK
4. Run c:\msiinv\msiinv.exe -p > c:\msiinv_output.txt
5. Open the msiinv_output.txt document and search for that damn program you hadn’t been able to find
6. Grab it’s program code which will look something like this: {90120000-0021-0000-0000-0000545446}
7. Open command prompt and run this line with your product code instead of the one I’ve used: Msiexec /x {90120000-0021-0000-0000-0000545446}
8. Repeat 6 & 7 for each of the programs you needed to uninstall
9. Run the VS 2008 installer again and you should be alright

If luck just isn’t going your way and it still isn’t working, try this link for further ideas:…..

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