Save your knitting! How to easily add lifelines

10 Jul 2018

What are lifelines? It is a way to safely and easily go back to a previous line of knitting.

You might need to do this if you’ve dropped stitches you can’t recover, or if you realise the item is not the right size. It provides a nice little safety net that you can rip back to.

Typically this is done by threading a contrasting bit of yarn through a row. I used to find it difficult to stop knitting while I sit and thread a lifeline through. I completely appreciated the security a lifeline provided but I still seem to put it off for ages.

The quicker, easier, minimal effort way?

If you use interchangeable needles you have a very handy tool at your disposal for quickly and easily adding lifelines while still knitting! Just grab yourself a second interchangeable cable (the same length as the one you’ve been using) and a couple of cable end caps and follow

Take one of the needles off the live cable and pop an end cap on. Now put that needle on your second cable with another end cap to save your stitches from falling off. Now just use this new empty cable to knit across your next row, leaving the original cable in place. When you are done the row transfer the second needle to your new cable and pop it’s end cap on the original cable.

Now you have a lifeline built in and ready to be pulled out later or otherwise ready to have the needles just popped back on the end should you have to rip back!

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