My First Kalle

This top is incredible. It’s very rewarding to sew and the end result is a beautifully drapey easy to wear shirt. This was a lot of firsts in sewing techniques for me. My first collar, first yoke style shirt, and first button band. Of course, because apparently, I don’t like to go easy on myself, I also did my first hidden button placket. The pattern was very easy to understand and I somehow got through all of it with results that even I couldn’t nitpick! I knew as soon as I was done I was going to make another.

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Shop update: Stitch markers and pin cushions

I finally got around to adding some more bits in my Etsy shop, I always feel so guilty when I leave it empty for so long 🙁 Now there are some damask style pin cushions: Some summer themed stitch markers: and finally, some adorable little owl stitch markers!

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Pink floral pin cushions!

I’m very excited, just put up my first shop item. It’s a sweet little pink floral pin cushion. The top is made from durable quilting weight cotton and the cushion is filled with polyester stuffing all pulled together into a pretty flower shape by pink embroidery floss and buttons for decoration. I will be making […]

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This one is mine!

Finished my girlie version, and this one is mine! I used petrol blue cotton drill for the solid colour and a floral from Tanya Whelan’s Ava Rose collection. I was going to put some frills on the bottom of the flap it to make it extra girlie but opted out at the last minute. Next […]

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Dan’s laptop bag

I’ve been working on this for a while now, there were absolutely TONS of pieces to cut out! I was following a pattern but he wanted stripes down the front flap and extra padding. The stripes weren’t hard to add in but because the padding had to go between the lining and the exterior I […]

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Knitting Patterns

Pull Me Over
(short sleeves)
Pull Me Over
(long sleeves)
Mary Mary