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What does grading between sizes mean?

To grade means to transfer between one size line to another (or multiple) within the same garment.

Patterns are designed as an excellent starting point for a garment. Everyone’s body is different so it is very possible you should make adjustments to the pattern to make it perfect for your size and shape.

One change you might encounter, is if you fall within multiple sizes of a pattern. Your high bust (includes neck and shoulders) might be a few sizes different to your hip size.

It’s super easy to do, in short…
You’re just going to draw a smooth line from one size line to another.

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What sewing pattern size am I?

Choosing the right sewing pattern size is critical to getting a good fit for your sewing project but it doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated! All you need to pick the right size are some key personal measurements and the Body Measurement table provided in the pattern. This guide will walk you through choosing the right size for you.

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British Sewing Awards 2021

The Rosalee Dress been chosen as a finalist in the 2021 British Sewing Awards for best sewing pattern!

I’m so incredibly excited! The winner will be decided by a celebrity judge and announced in October. Of course, I’d love to win but right now I’m absolutely over the moon being a finalist! Giddy and emotional are good ways to describe how I’m feeling!

Did you know…

  • You can make it as either a maxi or knee-length version.
  • There are 5’3″ / 5’5″ / 5’7″ height lines on the skirt pieces
  • It has incredibly deep pockets
  • It is bra friendly
  • The pattern is available in both PDF and Paper versions
  • You can order a new printout of the pattern pieces (A0/copyshop) whenever you want, no matter which version you buy! No more worries about losing pieces or tea incidents, especially if you’ve bought the paper version.
  • There are also details on how to make a top version in both woven and stretch on the blog.