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Dan’s laptop bag

I’ve been working on this for a while now, there were absolutely TONS of pieces to cut out! I was following a pattern but he wanted stripes down the front flap and extra padding. The stripes weren’t hard to add in but because the padding had to go between the lining and the exterior I had to add in some binding along the top to close up the raw edges. I also spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get the little side pocket just right… you know the pocket… that one on the side designed for mobile phones that no one ever uses? I’ve told Dan he has to use the little pocket regularly now to make it worth the aggravation of putting in on. 🙂

Here’s some pictures of it finished. Including one of the silly little pocket.
Dan's laptop bag

Dan's laptop bag

Dan's laptop bag

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Update on the sweater challenge

Hmm, ok so my even monthly updates don’t seem to have happened… where has the year gone? I have completed 2 of the sweaters over these past months but wasn’t able to keep up the pace I was hoping to. One sweater is actually near enough completed but I lost a bit of love for it over time and haven’t convinced myself to do the final touches and sew it together. Another sweater I started knitting for Mr.Lacuna was put on hold when summer fully kicked in as summer projects took over.
Here are the two I did finish:

In April:
April's sweater - Audrey In Unst
In May:
Vine Yoke Cardi

And the two that I have not finished yet:
Mr.Lacuna's sweater

I’ve also recently re-discovered the world of sewing and have stolen what would have been knitting time to make up a couple skirts, a maxi dress, and am now mid-way through my first quilt. We have just moved so everything is packed in boxes at the moment but will be catching up on everything over the weekend and fingers crossed will have some photos of the quilt to show.

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12 Month Sweater Challenge: January

I’ve taken on a fairly daunting challenge… knit 12 sweaters in 12 months! But I’m not on my own, there is a group on Ravelry set out to do the same thing. If you aren’t signed up on Ravelry and want to see the other’s projects, they are being updated regularily on the Sweatshop Of Love website.

So here is my January sweater, at least I made it to 1/12 😀
I should mention this wasn’t started in January but I picked it up again in the new year and made sure I finished it at last!

January sweater in Tuareg Malabrigo Worsted

I followed the pattern pretty much to the word except I didn’t switch to horseshoe cables halfway down the arms and did a few extra inc/dec throughout. All of my notes are available on my Ravelry project page.

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First yarn dyeing attempt using Kool Aid! – Part 2

So it’s done! We had a beautifully sunny day on Saturday so it was the perfect opportunity to do the dyeing as I didn’t want to completely destroy my kitchen by doing it inside. I set up a dyeing area outside in our garden, laying a bin bag over the table and then covering that with cling film. Here’s the steps I took:

  • Laid the yarn carefully on top of a sink full of tepid water which had a couple drops of washing up liquid in it.
  • Left the yarn to sink to the bottom by itself (about 30 minutes)
  • While the yarn was soaking I prepared the dye by mixing 1 packet of kool-aid per 8oz
  • Once the yarn was soaked through I carefully pressed down on it to get rid of any final bubbles that were trapped within the yarn.
  • Lifted the yarn out of the sink, carefully and gently squeezing the yarn to get rid of some of the water
  • Laid the yarn in a circle on the table
  • Created a very basic guide to help me space the colours properly
  • Took the first colour and poured it wedge-style onto the chosen sections of the circle.
  • Gently rub the mixture through the yarn, lifting and making sure the underneath is coated as well
  • To finish each colour I took the spray gun section of a normal squirty bottle and had it’s end in the measuring jug holding the juice, this way I could carefully and accurately get the remaining spots of white with the colour
  • Work through the rest of the colours in the same way
  • Wrap the yarn in the cling film, folding it over itself so the yarn is separated in layers from the other sections of the yarn (so colour doesn’t mix)
  • Put the whole thing in a microwavable bowl and in the microwave on high for 2 minutes, then rest for 2 minutes and then put it on high for another 2 minutes. You should find the water in the bowl is clear at this point, if not then after a 2 minute rest pop it on high for another 2 minutes.
  • Leave it to cool COMPLETELY. I found this bit very hard to do, I really wanted to unwrap my yarn and see it but if you do there is a chance you’ll felt your yarn and then it will be ruining, so leave it til it’s cooled
  • Fill the sink with water that is the same temperature as your cooled yarn and carefully push your yarn around in it a bit
  • Pull the yarn out, gently sqeezing it and then hang it up to dry

And ta-da… the finished product…

The full process has been put on my flickr here

And on Ravelry you’ll find me as Lacuna 🙂

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First yarn dyeing attempt using Kool Aid!

So I’ve done it, I’ve just bought some undyed yarn and some kool aid online and both packages should be at my door before the end of next week! I saw so many peoples drool-worthy yarn made with kool aid that I couldn’t hold out any longer. It looks pretty straightforward and there are good tutorials out there for it, not to mention Ravelry and the dye-based groups on there.

So I should have started out simple, but no, I saw a yarn with such beautiful colours (pink, purple, light brown, a bit of grey and a bit of bluey-green) and so loaded up with 7 packages of kool aid and some lovely looking merino sock yarn.

Picture courtesy of Violet Green

Socrates Merino Sock Yarn from Violet Green

I bought the Socrates Merino Sock Yarn from Violet Green and the Kool Aid from KoolaidWorld. I ordered 2 of grape, ice blue raspberry, pink lemonade, and 1 of orange. I am a bit worried as (and it figures even after all the research I did) I just found another article that says to get a vibrant purple (which I want) it is better to use a red + blue instead of just grape… well it’s too late now, I’ve made my order so we’ll see what happens with the grape!

Now I just sit and wait for my deliveries!