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Order an A0 print of the pattern pieces. You’ll need to have already purchased the full PDF or paper pattern through the website. An A0 copy is the large paper print that contains all of the pattern pieces for you to cut out.

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Josie Blouse Dress

These instructions are completely free and let you extend your Josie Blouse pattern into a dress. And there’s no zipper required.

These steps assume you already own a copy of the Josie Blouse. If you don’t, you’ll need to get a copy before you start. You can choose between a PDF Version or Paper Version.

Extra fabric requirements:

SizesAdd to your original fabric requirements
Ava – Cara (31″- 35″)0.5m (0.55yds)
Dee – Gia (37″- 43″)1m (1.1yds)

Step 1: Fold Bodice Pieces

Cut or fold along the “Below Waist Lengthen Line” on both the front and back bodice pieces.

If you’ve cut it you can then tape the section back on when you are finished with the dress version.

The hem is not dipped on the dress version.

Step 2: Print the dress extension pieces (A4)

Note: These measurements are for a height of 5’7″.

If you are taller than 5’7″: And would still like it to be knee length, you might consider ordering a bit more fabric than suggested above.

If you are shorter than 5’7″: I would suggest trying it on before choosing to remove excess fabric from the hem.

Step 3: Pairing the extension pieces with the bodice

Tape the front bodice extension to the bottom of your folded front bodice pattern piece and then do the same for the back bodice and its extension.

You can still use the same fabric layout suggestion that is in your main instructions but shifting down the bodice pieces as necessary to allow for the extra length both pieces require.

That’s it! There are no other changes to make. Hemming will be exactly the same as the instructions for the bottom of the original style blouse but it’ll be a straight line so even easier! Wear it loose or with a belt to add a bit more shape.

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Or if you have any questions at all please get in touch.

Happy Sewing!
x Andrea

Note: These are steps to extend your Josie Blouse into a dress. If you do not already own the Josie Blouse you can get a copy below:

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Josie Blouse Sew-Along

Full List of Video Guides

Continue to reference the pattern instructions as well as using the videos below for further tips:
Page 6 – Marking the Shoulder Pleats (Video)
Page 7 – Prepare the Cuffs (Video)
Page 8 – Assembling the Shoulder Pleats (Video)
Page 9 – Attaching the Neckband (Video)
Page 10 – Assembling the Sleeve Pleats (Video)
Page 10 – Binding the Sleeve Vent (Video)
Page 12 – Attaching the Cuffs (Video)
Page 13 – Attaching the Sleeves (Video)
Page 14 – Marking the Buttonholes (Video)

Marking the Shoulder Pleats

Wondering about those markings on the shoulders? If you need any help understanding them or finding which ones are for your size it’s all explained in the video below:

Prepare the Cuffs

Want some help on prepping the cuffs? This video will walk you through all of the steps:

Assembling the Shoulder Pleats

Time for the pleats! This video shows the full assembly of pleats from marking to pressing so if you’re only interested in a particular section of the video you can skip to the following time:

  • Marking the pleat lines: 0:00
  • Sewing the first pleat: 4:15
  • Sewing the centre pleat: 6:42
  • Pressing the pleats: 9:00

Attaching the Neckband

Time to attach the neckband! The video walks you through every step from how (and why) to quarter the neckline to pressing your final beautiful neckline.

Assembling the Sleeve Pleats

Ready to put the sleeve pleats in? The video guide shows how to mark the pleats, assembly, and ironing them to get a nice flowing pleat line on your sleeves.

Binding the Sleeve Vent

A full walk-through on how to cut and then bind the sleeve vent so it has a nice clean finish.

Attaching the Cuffs

Showing how to attach the cuff to the sleeve.

Attaching the Sleeves

The video shows how to align the sleeve to shoulder pleats and easing the sleeve in.

Marking the Buttonholes

A quick guide on how to mark the buttonholes and checking they are put on the correct side of the cuff.