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Free Casey A0’s, just pay the postage!

(While stocks last, I’ll update this post when the existing stock is gone)

Casey Sweater : Sewing Pattern

What is an A0?

That large paper print that contains all of the pattern pieces for you to cut out in your size. It’s the huge print that’s included in a paper pattern. Or if you’ve bought a PDF version, it’s what you get when you order a copyshop version from a printer company.

Why are they free?

I received a batch from my previous printing company which are slightly marked with ink along the left side but in no way impact the pattern at all.

You can see from the image above it is only a tiny bit of ink splatter but I just didn’t feel right using them in your regular pattern purchases! So I’m offering them out free to anyone who owns the Casey Sweater pattern and would like another A0 print. (Or buys Casey while there are free prints left).

You can get this print free whether you buy the PDF or Paper version!

(Psst, you’ll actually receive two free A0 prints! )
Why two? Because that’s how many fit in an envelope with the same postage cost to me so I figured I might as well send you two!

You’ve already bought Casey (PDF or Paper) from 

  1. Sign in to your account.  
  2. Once signed in you can visit the A0/copyshop page on the website and add the free Casey A0 to your basket. 

What if you didn’t create an account when you placed your original order?

You can still get access to the A0 copyshop products. Just create an account on the website using the same email address you used when you bought the pattern, then email me (from that email address) to tell me you’d like your previous orders linked to your new account and I’ll set it all up.

Once that’s done (I’ll try to have it done within 24 hours for you), you’ll be able to sign into the website and add the free Casey A0 print to your basket.

You bought Casey from a fabric shop (online or local): 

  1. Create an account on
  2. Using the same email you just created an account with, email me a photo of you either wearing your Casey or of your Casey paper pattern. (Since I won’t have a record of your purchase, and for data protection I can’t request a copy of your invoice from another shop, I decided this is good enough proof of purchase for me!)
  3. I’ll link your account to Casey and email to let you know it’s been done (I try to do this within 24hrs)
  4. Sign in and add the free Casey A0 print to your basket.

You haven’t bought Casey yet: 

  1. Visit the shop and choose either the Casey PDF or paper version.
  2. Once one of those is in your basket you’ll be able to visit the A0 copyshop section of the website and add on the free Casey A0 prints.
  3. Make sure you create an account before you checkout so you can access A0 prints in the future!